Web Engineer

Izmir, Turkey Engineering - Software Team Full-Time

The Role

Skyborn Robotics is looking for an experienced frontend engineer to join our software team and create the bridge between our robots and our users. We see two major hurdles to adoption in the robotics industry: cost and ease of use. We place a large emphasis on making our robots easy to program and creating the tools to easily visualize their data.

As a web engineer you’ll work closely with our design team to implement the web UI for our robots. You’ll also touch multiple parts of our stack and contribute to ensuring that we have a performant, scalable system. We’re hiring for all levels from a recent graduate to a team lead. Apply and help us continue to deliver our vision of low-cost, powerful robots with an elegant and easy-to-use front end interface. 


  • BS in Computer Science or 3+ years experience
  • Experience in JavaScript and at least one other programming language
  • Experience with front end technologies and frameworks
  • Experience with HTML5 and CSS3 web standards
  • Experience with AWS and other standard backend services
  • Emphasis on strong software development practices: git, GitHub, CI/CD, unit testing


  • Experience building and deploying at scale
  • Familiarity with the full web stack including communication protocols and server optimization techniques

Job specifics

  • The job is based in Izmir, Turkey, but you can expect to join an international, multicultural team, and we offer extensive relocation support.

About Us

We build robots in Amsterdam, Boston and Izmir! We’re a robotics startup with a vision to increase affordability and intelligence of robotic systems. We’re looking to grow our team and are offering the opportunity to have an impact on an exploding industry.

Want to learn more about our robots and our design philosophy, and be part of the future of robotics? Get in touch and let’s have a chat!