Transforming affordable and intelligent robotics

Skyborn Robotics, is a robotics platform startup founded in 2018. Skyborn Robotics aims to be the world leader in the next generation of assistive robotics, which will be lower-cost, human-safe, and driven by software innovations, such as machine learning, AI, and computer vision. The Skyborn Robotics team has deep experience driving complex hardware and software innovation, having previously built robotics and AI technology.

Building cutting-edge robotic systems to augment and amplify human’s ability to perform a wide range of advanced and complex tasks, Skyborn Robotics is well-positioned to become one of the most meaningful deep tech companies in Amsterdam.

We want to make assistive robots more useful, safe, and affordable. The Skyborn Robotics team are committed to improve the quality of human life through AI and robotics. We have the talent, expertise, and vision to deliver on that commitment.

Skyborn Robotics is hiring and currently has several open positions (view here). Learn more and get in touch with the company please visit,

Written by Dogan Gök


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Oct, 2018